Story Circles

autor: Claudia Alick

June 23, 2015 AUTOR: Claudia Alick
Story Circles
The rules of the story circle are the rules of civil participation in society. You agree to listen. You agree to respect.
John O’Neal, Artistic Director, Junebug Productions
Our digital story circles are inspired by Junebug Productions, founded in 1980, who use the storytelling model, to generate insight, help build coalitions, build trust, and connect the common threads of our lived experiences. Leaders of social change efforts have used story circle to stimulate memory, and build community solidarity through this group remembering. Junebug Productions have referred to this as ‘creating a tapestry of community’.
We began this project the week of October 25, 2018 when mail bombs targeted prominent liberal figures all over the United States, the killing of two black customers in a Kroger grocery store by a xenophobic white nationalist in Kentucky, and the deadly anti-Semitic massacre at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Claudia Alick, of Calling Up Justice and visual artist Amanda Browder connected and envisioned The Justice Quilt and began holding weekly digital discussions to plan and connect around arts, activism, justice. Societal forces are working to convince us we are not collectively committed to inclusive healthy communities for all of us. We are building, The Justice Quilt, a building-sized Quilt featuring the word “JUSTICE” created from fabric panels sewn by communities in every state across our nation. In 2020 will hold in person story-circles focused on social justice in their community while sewing panels.
Currently we hold digital story circles on a weekly basis. Participants can contact us through this form to join. Together we are reminding ourselves of what’s important and how we all have the ability to create positive change.

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